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A nature-friendly multicultural shopping complex

Through our collaboration with OMA of Rem Koolhaas, the icon of innovation in architectural design, Galleria will unveil a whole new experience in Gwanggyo New Town, the center of Gyeonggi Province in 2020.

Coming soon. 2020

Galleria in Gwanggyo

Luxury Hall East

The ultimate department store leading the premium luxury market

From world-class luxury brands to special edition items and high-end brands showcased exclusively by Galleria, every single item we offer presents craftsmanship of the highest level and differentiated values to our customers.

Luxury Hall West

Korea’s very first open shopping space and Asia’s landmark for global trendsetters

Reborn as a design landmark in the hands of world-renowned architect Ben van Berkel, Galleria Luxury Hall West keeps Korea upto-date with the latest global luxury goods and fashion trends, while offering a highquality food culture to its visitors.


The best art center and shopping space in Central Korea

Created by Ben van Berkel, designer of the exterior of Galleria Luxury Hall West, Galleria Center City was reborn in 2010 as the No. 1 department store in Cheonan featuring innovative interior and exterior designs, over 400 brands, a magnificent culture hall (Art Hall G) and a cultural center.


As the leading department store of west Gyeongnam Province, The Galleria Jinju proposes a new lifestyle to place Jinju, a historical city of education and culture, at the center of the local economy.